2018 Sliding Glass Door Prices & Installation Costs

If you’re confined to a smaller space, Sedar’s range of folding doors, with their streamlined look and innovative design, will open up any room. Designed for internal and external applications, automatic sliding doors features innovative control elements and technology ensuring safe, convenient and reliable access which can also operate as a manual swing door providing an escape route for evacuation.

Aluminium Bi Folding Doors are the most popular home Automatic sliding doors improvement product available for home owners throughout the UK. By creating a wall of aluminium framed bi folding glass in your home you can easily swipe this to the side and open your house to the outside.

Solid Doors, Main Double Doors (Dayyar Wood, Kail Wood, Ash Wood, Pertal Wood), Fiber Panel Doors , Panel Skin Doors (Malaysian skin, Pakistani skin) Ash and Teak skin doors, UPVC Doors, Furniture, Fitted wardrobes, Standing Wardrobes, Kitchen Cabinets and All kind of woodwork ETC.

The automatic door reduces contact time with the outdoor environment (pollution) and prevents contact between the user and the handle (a bacteria vehicle), making the door particularly important in places such as hospitals, surgeries, and diagnostics centres.

The thermal efficiency of the doors means air conditioning units do not have to work as hard to maintain temperatures, which in turn keeps energy bills down, and with the UAE’s recent overdue shift to a greener energy outlook, puts another feather in Origin’s cap.