DOD GSE550 / GSE520 Dashboard Cams

The DOD GSE550 is a GPS enabled dash cam which could document 1080p at 30FPS. Like some of the DOD models it’s miles based totally at the Ambarella processor. This digital camera is primarily based at the Ambarella A2S processor.

It affords super photograph high-quality inside the day however best average satisfactory at night. DOD has indicated the the GSE550 is the replacement for the discontinued GS600. unlike the GS600, this digital camera has a show display. This sprint camera could be very compact and may be folded close while now not in use. whilst folded, it is very difficult for human beings strolling through to note the digital camera. The DOD GSE520 is the equal digital camera with out GPS and G-sensor.

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GSE550 fashions

Like many of the DOD cameras there are many variations to be had on eBay, Aliexpress and DealExtreme. The primary models consist of:

  • DOD GSE550 (DOD brand)
  • GSE550 (neutral OEM version)
  • Kapkam Q5 (Russian model)
  • ACV Q5 (Russian model)
  • The non-GPS version models encompass:
  • DOD GSE520 (DOD brand)
  • GSE520 (neutral OEM model)
  • Kapkam Q3 Lite (Russian model)
  • ACV Q5 Lite (Russian version)

The non-GPS version is same to the GS600 apart from the GPS sensor.

Recognised problems

Display turns on Spontaneously

Many users have observed that the display will activate robotically while using (while it has been set to off). This appears to be a software program computer virus.

Negative night time Recording

The maximum common complaint on this digital camera is bad night time recording. There isn’t a lot that can be performed to enhance the first-rate.

Low potential Battery

The GS600 normally comes with a low potential battery. If the battery dies it should be replaced. To replace the battery, you have to disassemble the sprint cam, cautiously unsolder the 2 wires going to the battery, detach the battery from the tape, solder new wires, and then paste it again into place if vital.

Where to purchase for lowest price

The DOD branded GSE520 has a high charge factor at round $2 hundred. There are a few neutral models available as nicely but very few had been sold. due to the high-priced charge and bad night taking pictures abilities, this digicam isn’t always very popular.


Warning! MAKING modifications to your FIRMWARE ARE done AT YOUR very own risk. WE aren’t responsible for ANY harm for your sprint CAM because of those commands.

Do now not try and flash dash cams with incompatible firmware. in case your current firmware does now not result in 1/2-MFH or T24-MFH, do not use this firmware.

Firmware Backup

Earlier than updating your firmware, it’s miles fairly endorsed to backup your current firmware. this can be without difficulty achieved using the following method.

  • Down load the autoexec.ash report (proper click and choose shop as). that is a simple text record with the following contents (firmfl gen 5 bst bld pri rom dsp d:backup.bin). This file has the necessary commands to
  • Extract the existing firmware from the sprint cam.
  • Ensure the camera battery is fully charged
  • Use the following settings for your dash cam:USB – NO (USB IN – NO),put off. – NO (SHUTDOWN – NO), auto keep – OFF (movement DET. – OFF) A.close. – OFF (auto OFF – OFF)
  • format the SD-card (through the dash cam or your pc).
  • replica the autoexec.ash document to your formatted SD-card. DO not reproduction the autoexec.ash record to the DVR’s inner memory, handiest to the SD-CARD!
  • Insert the SD-card with the autoexec.ash record in the dashcam and turn it on. The dashcam could be in ordinary standby mode. The method to backup the firmware takes approximately 10 seconds. but, we advise which you wait 1 MINUTE.
  • After waiting a minute, and turn off the dash cam.
  • Insert the SD-card into the laptop.
  • copy the firmware stored as BACKUP.BIN
  • Rename the resulting BACKUP.BIN according with the quantity of your firmware. for example, “GSE550 v5.4 T24-MFH”.

Firmware update instructions

You should use an SD-Card reader to carry out this operation. Do now not try to try this at once on the sprint cam.
download the favored firmware from the section under.
Rename the downloaded firmware report to yamaha.bin
copy the report yamaha.bin on SD-card the usage of a card reader.
Insert the card into the sprint cam and turn it on. You need to see a strolling circle and the inscription “Firmware update”.
Do not turn off the sprint cam until the symbol and the words disappear from the display screen, the entire technique takes about 10 seconds.
You should see a message to show off the sprint cam. turn it off, remove the memory card and delete the yamaha.bin file.
Use your sprint cam with the state-of-the-art firmware.
brand new Firmware

These firmware files are best like minded for cameras that have an current firmware ending in MFH. IF THE present day FIRMWARE for your dash CAM DOES not end in MFH, DO now not upgrade YOUR FIRMWARE.