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An H-1B petition may be authorised up to 3 (3) years with extensions as much as maximum of six (6) years, and past, if a shape I-one hundred forty employment-based petition has been filed and pending for at least three hundred and sixty five days prior to the sixth 12 months restriction.

2. H-1C: overseas-skilled Nurses:

limited (500 visas in line with 12 months, 25 visas for nation with 9 (9) million or much less populace and 50 visas for kingdom with over nine (9) million populace) H-1C visas are issued to foreign-trained registered nurses certified to practice inside the nation and to paintings quickly at hospitals in exact fitness expert shortage areas (HPSAA), as defined via the U.S. branch of health and Human offerings (HHS) and determined by means of the DOL.

initial length of live is up to 3 (3) years and limited to a few (3) years. however this class had expired on December 20, 2009.

3. H-2A, H-2B, H-three and J-1 (Agriculture/Seasonal/Trainees):

(a) H-2A visas are for overseas employees to carry out transient or seasonal agricultural work at the time and location wherein there are inadequate U.S. people who’re capable, willing, and available to do the paintings.

The H-2A enterprise ought to reap a hard work certification determination from the DOL that the employment of an alien employee would now not adversely have an effect on the wages and working conditions of further employed U.S. employees, as well as provide housing and employee’s repayment insurance.

(b) H-2B visas capped at sixty six,000 a year are for overseas employees to perform work for a one-time occurrence or a seasonal or peak or intermittent need in nonagricultural sectors of the economic system.

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An utility for hard work certification is also filed with the aid of the U.S. employer and approval received from DOL. And as in all H programs, form I-129 is filed with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration services (USCIS).Get details from us singapore visa fees in indian rupees.

foreign workers are admitted to start with for the time stated within the labor certification, with a most of 1 (1) yr, issue to yearly extensions, to a maximum work live of three (3) years, and a 6-month overseas residency requirement prior to some other utility.

(c) H-three visas are designed for aliens coming to get hold of training and training no longer designed to provide efficient employment, unless incidental and important to the schooling and pursuing a career outside the usa.

they are admitted in the course of the accepted education application for a most duration of (2) years, situation to a 6-month overseas residency requirement previous to a subsequent software for the equal beneficiary alien.

The sort of schooling program have to not exist in the alien’s domestic country or united states of foundation, and isn’t effortlessly available in some other u . s ..