For full-sized noise cancelling headphones, it is very important that bowls and ear cups are comfortable – this is the main condition. Sometimes the value of convenience is underestimated and it is necessary to compromise. In the case of the Denon AH-GC20, I can say that this is one of the most convenient full-size headphones I’ve ever heard. Despite a noticeable mass, headphones on the head do not cause the slightest discomfort. All this thanks to well thought-out ergonomics, foam filler in the headband, ear cups and a successful bowl size.

I have a big head and some overhead or full-size headphones are just small, so I always pay attention to the potential of headphones to change their size. Denon surprised me pleasantly: even the stock remained the size of the headband adjustment.


The headphones are big, my ears are fully seated inside, the ear cups do not press on the earlobe . This is a huge plus of headphones. This way of planting not only significantly increases the comfort of use, but also affects the sound insulation, which is one of the main criteria for a model with active noise cancellation.

All headphone controls are located on the bowls.

On the right side are:

  • Audio input;
  • USB input for charging the battery;
  • Volume button;
  • Button for managing music tracks;
  • Microphone;
  • Button for turning on and off the active noise reduction system.

On the left side is:

  • Button for making a voice call.

The headphones are rotated in all directions, they have 2 swivel hinges. Thus, you can easily fold headphones to put them in a bag or backpack, they will not take up much space. I recommend using a hard carrying case, which is included, it will protect the headphones from bumps and keep their original appearance. In addition, the case for charging and audio cable can be folded into the case.

Active Noise Cancelling

Headphones with active noise cancelling systemMany people believe that this is a pampering and you can easily do without it. This is true if you do not have to go down every day to the subway or go public transport for work or study for a long time. For many years you just got used to the loud noise that surrounds you and stopped noticing it. And to hear music – just make it louder.

But you are very surprised if you put on noise-canceling headphones, turn them on and go down into the subway. Yes, you will still hear noise around, but it will be much quieter. And then, when you go in the car, turn off the noise cancellation. A huge difference. For a more powerful effect, remove the headphones altogether. You will be amazed at how, it turns out, loudly in the subway car in fact. Trying the headphones with noise cancellation once, you will not be able to part with them. I believe that the active noise reduction system not only makes listening to music or podcasts more comfortable, but also significantly reduces the load on the hearing organs, keeping them healthy, and this is much more important than the pleasure of music.

The efficiency of active noise cancellation in Denon AH-GC20 is at a very high level. I would compare it to the famous Bose headphones, which are the leaders in this field. Denon’s suppression is slightly weaker, but more effective than many other competitors. For example, the headphones Philips SHB9850NC noise reduction works less efficiently.

It is important to note that with the activation of noise cancellation, many headphones have background white noise – artifacts of the system, and in rare cases, hearings from the operation of the radio module are heard. In the case of the Denon AH-GC20, the inclusion of noise reduction does not cause any side effects. I just noted a slight increase in the emphasis on low frequencies.

When connecting headphones to the wire, the noise reduction system continues to work, it’s a huge plus of best noise cancelling headphones, not all competitors can work in hybrid mode. Usually, noise reduction works only if the headphones are in wireless mode.