Meet Ireland’s New Breed Of Licensed Moneylender

Meet Ireland’s New Breed Of Licensed Moneylender


CreditMaster Pte Ltd is a licensed and legal money lending institution registered under the Ministry of Law in Singapore. A licensed lender in Singapore is recognised and regulated by the Registry of Money Lenders. To lend money lawfully you have to be authorised by the Licensed MoneyLender Singapore Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). If you run into a lender who tries to charge fees above these maximums, it’s very likely you’re dealing with a loan shark.

Whether you need money for a personal requirement or commercial purposes, we can work with you to offer the right loan tailored to meet your financial requirements. With the help of money lenders it becomes even easy to get fast cash through foreigner loans in a less span of time.

Like all other states or countries in the world, tons of loan companies is found in Singapore also. Copyright © 2010-2014 Quick Credit – Singapore Licensed Money Lender Since 2002. I don’t really know Malaysia got Legal Money Lender…I can see them being advertised everywhere, claiming themselves are legal.

This may seem like easy money to some, but there is hard work involved in hard money lending, as in any successful business, and many decisions to be made. Whether it’s to fix a car breakdown or to pay for an unexpected hospital bill, applying for a loan from legal money lenders in Singapore can be a simple solution until your finances stabilize.

That’s ok. Have a quick look online for reviews and you will find that we have one of the highest licensed money lender review. This means that any services that the lender gives you meet the legal requirements. So, read this guide to choosing licensed Singapore money lenders and make the best decision that you will never regret.


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