Our Opinion on Brother CS10VM1 Electronic Sewing Machine

This is a new electronic sewing machine , the Brother CS10VM1 , that we propose to take a closer look in this article. Like its big sister, the Brother FS40 sewing machine , this machine is more for the beginner who wants a machine comfortable, well equipped and easy to use for a reasonable budget.

A user-friendly electronic sewing machine

Like the vast majority of entry-level electronic sewing machines , there is the traditional LCD screen that instantly gives you useful information about the sewing stitch selected and the type of crowbar to use. You can also adjust the length and width of each point. The Brother CS10 sewing machine incorporates a full range of 40 stitches ranging from base stitches to cross stitches to quilting, stretching and decorative stitches. You will be able to sew freely with the lowering of its 6 training claws and realize up to 5 automatic buttonholesin 1 step. To help you get started, the sewing machine comes with a DVD and an extensive instruction manual on basic settings. You will be able to master your machine in no time.

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All the advantages of the Brother CS10VM1

With its 40-watt motor , the machine can sew many types of fabrics but will have a little more difficulty on thick materials. The sewing machine is equipped with the Quick Set system that allows you to start sewing directly after placing the full bobbin in the casing. The bobbin is placed horizontally and ensures an optimal flow of the wire as well as a permanent visualization of the quantity of wire remaining. To give you an additional gain, Brother CS10 is equipped with the automatic threading that directly pass the thread through the eye of the needle without nagging, and manual adjustment of the upper thread tension anda built-in wire cutter

on the side of the machine. For this machine, the cans do not have a standard size. These are parts 11.5 mm high and not 10 mm as on most machines. It is important to know this especially if you intend to replace or buy additional parts.

A simple sewing machine

This electronic sewing machine signed Brother also enjoys a dual LED lights for better visibility of your workspace. Less tiring for your eyes, this type of lighting does not heat up during prolonged use and makes sewing more pleasant on dark matter or when the brightness of the room is low. In addition, this machine has a free arm to easily sew cylindrical pieces such as sleeves or trouser bottoms and a stitch back / stitch function to sew stitches in reverse or reinforce the beginning or end of your seam. The anti-toggle buttonthe presser foot will make it possible to standardize the seams on several layers of fabric while keeping the presser foot at the same height. On the negative side, we may regret the lightness of the machine that will lack a bit of stability when using at full speed. Finally, unlike other models like the Brother FS40 , this machine will not allow you to sew your works without using the pedal . This will require a little extra adaptation time for beginner seamstresses before perfectly controlling the sensitivity of the pedal.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Brother CS10


  • Easy to use
  • Space-saving
  • Settings for the length and width of points
  • Automatic threading of the needle
  • Good value for money
  • Machine motor a little ‘light’ for thick fabrics
  • The cans are not standard size
  • Lack of stability at full speed


Who is the Brother CS10VM1 for?

As you can see, despite some weaknesses, this Brother CS10 electronic sewing machine is not afraid of anything. Its functionalities, its handling and its comfort of use are ideal for the beginners who wish to embark on their first realizations with a machine of complete entrance of range. The most experienced seamstresses will probably turn more to models with advanced options like the Brother FS40 or the Pfaff Passport 2.0.