Software localization & Website localization Services

It software localization is the adaptation of a program, software, or computer application into the language of a geographic area or market and local environment taking into account the linguistic and cultural aspects of the same, in such a way that their final readers to understand and understand the software and assimilate it as something inherent to their culture. He is not a mere translation to one or several languages, if not adapt the software locally to the target market with the aim of selling products or services.

Translation Services Company we have high experience in software localization and can help you to adapt their products, Services, software, systems management, mobile applications, multimedia content and e-learning to more than 40 languages in order to help you sell and provide the necessary value in the field that you want to position. We can arrange us to a location integrated its software (GUI user support and technical documentation) or partial content, depending on your needs.

All the software that we locate has a thorough process of review and testing to linguistic, visual and functional level with the goal of ensuring that all their products correctly adapt to local markets you want to move.

We have a team of highly skilled project managers in the management of software localization projects, which in turn coordinates to professional software locators, linguists, engineers, reviewers, testers, and terminologists in order to ensure that the final product we deliver to our customers meets their expectations.

We can localize your software in more than 40 languages other than the European Union, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. In addition, we are oriented to the total satisfaction of the client and therefore adapt in time to your needs.

We employ and apply the best technologies and software more sophisticated for the location. We use the best and most sophisticated Tools for the extraction of text, file conversion, testing, and quality control.

Website localization Services

Our customers need to be present in different markets and geographic areas to sell their products and services and to support and maintain a good relationship with its customers and suppliers. For this reason, the companies must have web pages locally adapted to markets where they want to position themselves.

Translation Services Company we specialize in project management of localization of web pages for businesses of any size and in any geographical area. Our task is to get your website to position itself as one of the best in its sector at the professional level, brand and services or products and is placed at the top of internet search engines. The task of locating a web page does not refer to a mere translation. It is the fusion of the most advanced technology in computer engineering, best (TAO) computer assisted translation tools and localization, consolidated online marketing knowledge and translation of linguists, reviewers, native terminologists specialized fields of translation. We adapt your website to a dynamic and attractive language to your audience and business.

We specialize in the location of pages, multilingual websites and mobile applications and managed to transmit and position your business in essence and nature in all of those markets you want to be present.

For the correct execution of website localization projects, it is necessary to understand the cultural and linguistic aspects of language translation and destination.

In addition, we offer an initial consultation in full communication with your company that are included and interrelated cultural, linguistic, technological aspects and marketing in order to define the strategy and approach that best fits your needs. Your website should be very interesting to the public subject to purchase of its services and products.

Finally, we offer you up-to-date maintenance of the page, so that everything that is updated in the content of the original page can be updated in the target languages.

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