Tabs, Llc

Tabs, Llc


One who advances money to another in the expectation of receiving repayment of the money plus a fee for the use of the money, called interest. If you find yourself considering getting a loan from a licensed money lender, it might be time to reconsider where your life is headed, and take steps to make significant changes so that you won’t find yourself Money Lender Singapore returning to these lenders again in the future.

This may take a couple of weeks which may work against why you need the money, especially if you have some emergencies to attend to. If you patronize us, you only need a simple process of application and verification and you will get the money within an hour for whatever urgent need you want to meet.

It could be to cover a medical emergency, for education, to cover a shortfall in the cash-flow of your business, for vacation or even just to tide you over until the next pay check comes in. Whatever you reasons, a moneylender Singapore is the most convenient way to get that money and get it fast.

The advantage of borrowing from licensed moneylenders is that they are regulated by the Ministry of Law and if you borrow money from these companies, there is a cap on how much interest they can charge, and what they can charge in penalties if you’re late in repaying.

We carry out only the required credit checks which is much less of an inconvenience than most financial establishments that takes a whole lot of time, and excludes people with a negative credit standing from getting financial assistance if they are facing difficult time in Singapore.